• STRONGER TOGETHER (John 13:16).


  • To impact and empower the diaspora clergy by ministering to their spiritual, ministerial, social, emotional, educational, and civic needs for the glory of God.


  • To promote and foster unity, to strengthen and to maximize the potential of clergy serving in the diaspora community through organizing of seminars, retreats, regional, national and global clergy conferences.

Goals / Objectives and Purposes Of The Organization

  1. To foster identity among Kenyan immigrant clergy in the Diaspora.
  2. To maximize Potential of clergy serving in the diaspora community.
  3. To Forster national fellowship and connectedness among clergy in the diaspora.
  4. To Unite and promote national unity among diaspora clergy.
  5. To Develop ideas on how to provide spiritual oversight among diaspora Clergy.
  6. To Strengthen the voice of the diaspora clergy and thus increase effectiveness in lobbying the Kenya Government to promote issues of interest to Clergy and churches in the Diaspora.
  7. To lobby the Government of Kenya to ease restriction and import duty on Missionary, church and ministry equipment shipped to Kenya for Non-profit Religious or charitable purposes, including medical supplies.
  8. To Lobby Kenya Government to provide Consulate services closer to the major Cities where majority of Kenyans live to especially ease the process of obtaining ID Cards and renewing Kenya Passports.
  9. To Lobby Kenya Government to provide better access for voting for Kenyans living in Diaspora.
  10. To provide opportunities for clergy growth by organizing leadership and training seminars for people in Christian Ministry Leadership.
  11. To provide Mentorship to the next generation of preachers and to pass on the button successfully to future church leaders.
  12. To strengthen and to support Diaspora Clergy during times of serious need.
  13. To organize National Conferences for Diaspora Clergy.
  14. To impact the larger communities where clergy serve by promoting outreach opportunities to American Society.
  15. To partner with organizations in Kenya with similar objectives such as APECK.
  16. To maintain an Updated National data base of clergy in the Diaspora.